Mar 22, 2014

Spring into Jadeite Kitchen Accessories

Spring.  Are you feeling it yet?  I feel it when I look at the new Jadeite Kitchen Accessories we just brought in to our kitchen department.  There is just something about the lovely, soft jade green of these milk glass reproductions that puts a smile on my face.
Jadeite Milk Glass Reproductions | LaBelle's General Store | Spring Kitchen Accessories
Just in time for Spring: Jadeite Milk Glass Kitchen Accessories

What is Jadeite?

You probably recognize Jadeite from your grandmother's pantry, or maybe your great-grandmother's.  Antique buffs will know this green milk glass as "Fire King Jadeite", a type of glass tableware made of jade-green opaque milk glass, popular during the 1950's.  If you like to visit antique shops, you've no doubt come across Jadeite Glassware.
Jadeite Milk Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers | LaBelle's General Store | #jadeite #milk glass #saltandpepper

Jadeite In Stock!

Now that LaBelle's General Store is stocking Jadeite Glass & Tableware you can save time and skip searching through antique shops hoping to find a Jadeite Butter Dish or a Jadeite Sugar Dispenser.

Jadeite Milk Glass Butter Dish | LaBelle's General Store | I love Butter #butter #jadeite #milk glass
Jadeite Butter Dish

Diner Style Jadeite Sugar Dispenser | reproduction Jadeite Kitchenware | LaBelle's General Store

Add a Classic 50's Diner Atmosphere to Your Kitchen

I've been using the 2 Cup Jadeite Measuring Cup daily.  I keep it on my kitchen window shelf because it's not only easy to access, but it's ever so pretty.  For those of you looking for a Butter Dish with a retro feel, the Jadeite Glass Butter Dish is an authentic choice.  I can just picture the Jadeite Green Sugar Dispenser in a White and Red kitchen, but really, what kitchen wouldn't appeal to this adorable Jadeite Sugar Dispenser that looks like it's straight out of a retro diner.
Come see our collection today and catch that Spring green feeling!

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