Oct 4, 2019

Get Your 2020 Magnetic Calendar Pads Today!

new calendar pad designs are available for a short time

Now is the time to get your 2020 Magnetic Calendar Pads!  With so many beautiful new designs available, you can choose the perfect calendar that speaks to your design aesthetic.  What I love the most about these magnetic calendars is that each month is designed differently.  The overall theme is the same, but the colors and images change to reflect the month you're in.  Every year we sell out of these wonderful Magnetic Calendar Pads well before the new year begins, so don't wait.  When they're gone, they're gone.  Each year they aren't released until September, so you only have a short window of opportunity to purchase your calendar pad for the coming year.  If you love keeping track of time with the hopes of potentially slowing it down, or you just want to keep track of the kid's and grandkid's activities and appointments, these are super convenient calendars for doing just that!

Keep track of appointments and activities with this great Magnetic Calendar Pad

We just received in stock these wonderful designs.  Each image is the design for the month selected.  Every month will have different colors and images, while still adhering to the overall theme created by the artist.

The flowers depicted on this beautiful magnetic calendar pad will inspire you year long.
2020 Garden Magnetic Calendar Pad

Each month of this calendar pad has a short message to live simply | LaBelle's General Store
2020 Live Simply Magnetic Calendar Pad
Find our entire selection of Magnetic Calendar Pads at our Dennis Port shop | LaBelle's General Store
Shop the entire collection in Dennis Port!

Shop our entire Magnetic Calendar Pad selections in store!  Please visit us in Dennis Port, Cape Cod.  Our brick and mortar store is a delightful place to poke around in and find wonderful and useful gifts.  We hope to see you soon!

Jan 18, 2019

Love is in the air❤️| Valentine's Gifts Inspired by the Ocean

Cape Cod Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts

As you can see the skies are a bit gray this time of year on Cape Cod, so it's especially nice to have fun things to plan for like giving beautiful ocean-inspired gifts to your Valentine. Our video highlights just a few of our favorite Valentine's Gifts inspired by the Ocean. After all when Cape Cod is touches your soul, love is in the air and the sand and the sea.

Love you to the Beach and Back Postcard


This sweet Love You to the Beach and Back Postcard can be sent in the mail if you want to impress your long-distance love the old-fashioned way.  Or, if your loved one is nestled a little closer to home, this is just as cute staying safe and dry presented as a sign for their decor.

More unique and wonderful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas can be found on our website here!


One of our favorite places on Cape Cod, no matter what the season is Chapin Beach.  Have you ever been?  If you haven't you must take a whirl there the next time you visit!

Jan 17, 2019

Our Beautiful Ocean Jewelry Collection | Jewelry Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

We've made your Valentine's Day gift giving really easy this year with our Ocean Collection of coastal-inspired pendants and earrings.  Along with our Claddagh rings and Trinity Knot rings, you can create a gorgeous set to present to your sweetheart, or select one of these enchanting pieces that will dazzle her eyes.

All of these lovely pieces are handmade in Ireland of 925 sterling silver and are sure to be cherished for generations.  Just like Cape Cod, Ireland is surrounded by and inspired by the sea, creating a kinship between us.  The exquisite pieces which compose the Ocean Collection are all made from Sterling silver encrusted with Swarovski® crystals.  Aquamarine and Sapphire Blue hues play are starring role as the spotlighted colors of this amazing collection of handmade jewelry.

This is amazing!  Ocean Treasures Fish Pendant | LaBelle's General Store
School of Fish Pendant
Ocean Jewelry Pendants come in several designs including the Sea Turtle & Pearl, Starfish & Pearl,  the dancing Dolphin seen below, and the absolutely stunning school of Fish Pendant shown above.  Wear them alone in all their glory, or layer two or more together for a trending look.

Gorgeous Dancing Dolphin Pendant | LaBelle's General Store
Dancing Dolphin Pendant

Feast your eyes on these captivating pieces.  How can you go wrong this Valentine's Day when you have these precious Ocean Jewelry Pieces in your pocket and ready to gift to that special girl?  And even better, they all come in gorgeous gift boxes inside a lovely little gift bag.  So go ahead, just click on any of the links and get your Valentine's Day shopping done in just a few easy clicks.

Gorgeous!  Starfish and Pearl Ocean Pendant | LaBelle's General Store

Gorgeous! Aquamarine Sea Turtle Stud Earrings | LaBelle's General Store

The aquamarine blue of this Swarovski pendant is so amazing, it just seems to change color into ever-beautiful blue-green hues depending on the light it's in.  It's utterly gorgeous and she is going to flip over this spectacular pendant.

so beautiful! Aquamarine Crystal Signature Pendant

We hope we've helped you to have a love-ly Valentine's Day!  :)