Feb 12, 2014

You Need These 5 Things for the Perfect Chocolate Fondue, Especially the Last Item of #2.

the best chocolate fondue for dipping strawberries, cookies, marshmallows and more by Chocomaker
Making the perfect chocolate fondue is really amazingly easy. Unlike savory fondue that needs various hard-to-find cheeses, wine, etc., Chocolate Fondue requires only 1 ingredient: Chocolate Candy Melts.  You'll also need some yummy things for fondue dipping, long fondue forks, and a heat-resistant fondue pot or bowl for serving.  A fondue maker is helpful, but not necessary.  I must admit, I love using our electric fondue maker.  And the cord unplugs so you can take it gracefully from the kitchen to the table.

You Need These 5 Items for Perfect Fondue

1.  Chocolate Candy Melts:  Available in both Chocolate and Dark Chocolate
2.  Great Dipping Food:  Create a smorgasbord of fruits and goodies like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, Oreo cookies, Milano cookies, shortbread cookies, marshmallows, and my absolute favorite, POTATO CHIPS.  (Have you ever tried chocolate covered potato chips?  Devine.)
3.  A double boiler | fondue maker | microwave:  You can use any of these three methods of melting your Chocolate.  The great thing about Chocolate Candy Melts is they melt so easily without adding any other ingredients.
4.  Fondue Forks:  Long handled with a forked tip, fondue forks make all the difference when you're enjoying fondue.
5.  Serving Bowl | Fondue Pot:  This should be heat resistant.  Stoneware is great, stainless steel, enameled cast iron, etc.  If you're using a fondue pot, you're all set!

Wood handled fondue forks set with colored tips for identification
Set of 6 Fondue Forks available in store

The Best Chocolate for Fondue

Great Stainless Bowls for a Double Boiler

If you have any great fondue ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

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