Jul 14, 2011

Beach Plum Meatballs & Andouille Sausage

Sweet, Hot and Spicy!
Make this Cape Cod flavored appetizer: Beach Plum Meatballs & Sausage | LaBelle's General Store

5 Steps to Delish

Throw 4 ingredients into a slow-cooker.
Take-off for the beach (or, in our case, work).
Come home to a mouthwatering-aroma-filled kitchen.
Pour into a take-out carrier.
Head for the party.
Dig in!

My dad comes from a long line of Irish cooks (boil it---actually he isn't that bad), and surprised us all one holiday with delicious meatballs.  When it was revealed that his dish used only grape jelly and ketchup, we were further impressed by his prowess.  With an invitation to a family reunion, and little time to cook, Joe decided to 'one-up' Grampy with his own take on this American party favorite...
the best sausage for Beach Plum Meatballs & Andouille Sausage
Gaspars Andouille Sausage

To spice things up, Joe decided to add his favorite andouille sausage made by Gaspars to the mix.  Traditionally used in jambalaya and gumbo, andouille sausage makes a sassy counterpoint to the traditional meatballs and the unusual flavor of the Beach Plum Jelly he intended to use in place of grape jelly.  In place of ketchup, Joe chose his favorite BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's.
You need hard to find Cape Cod Beach Plums to make Beach Plum Meatballs & Andouille Sausage

Beach Plum bushes grow in the sandy soil of Cape Cod.  These wild bushes grow profusely in the dunes and off the beaten paths.  Cape Codders are tight-lipped when it comes to revealing their secret spots for collecting Beach Plums. 

Ripe Beach Plums Ready for Picking to make Beach Plum Meatballs & Andouille Sausage
Ready-to-be Picked Cape Cod Beach Plums

Bumper crops of Beach Plums are rare, making the coveted Beach Plum Jam and Jelly produced from it, even more prized.  But enough ado about Beach Plums, let's get to the recipe!

Click on the link below for a printable recipe:
This super-easy, crock pot recipe blends the beachside jewels of Cape Cod with the Cajun flair of Louisiana!


2     10 oz jars Beach Plum Jelly
1     18 oz bottle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
2     16 oz packages frozen cooked Italian style meatballs
1     16 oz package cooked andouille sausage


In a slow cooker, combine Beach Plum Jelly (or jam) and BBQ Sauce.  Slice andouille sausage into bite-sized pieces.  Add sausage and meatballs to the cooker.  Cover and cook on low for 4 hours, and set to hold until you make it home.  That's it!  Make sure you have a supply of frilled toothpicks or appetizer forks, or beach shovels, whatever suits you and your guests!  


  1. Where do you get andouille this far north?

  2. Gaspars makes authentic andouille in North Dartmouth, MA, and their sausages are available in Super Stop & Shop on Cape Cod. For more info, here is a link to Gaspars site: http://gasparssausage.com/dirtoourstor.html