Oct 6, 2015

Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest

Cranberry Harvest | The Autumn Jewels of Cape Cod | LaBelle's General Store
Harvesting Cranberries on Cape Cod

Cape Cod's Colorful Feast

The Northeast Kingdom has blazing colors every fall to feast the eye on, and while Cape Cod's foliage falls short from the extravaganza of our northern vacation rivals, we do have a feast we take pride in, and it's one of both color and taste, the Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest.

Cape Cod Cranberries | A bog is flooded to make picking cranberries easier | Photo by J. LaBelle
A 'flooded' Cranberry Bog 

Cape Cod's Cranberry Harvest Season

Late September through October, Cape Cod's Cranberry Harvest is in full force.  If you take a drive through the back roads of the Cape you may be lucky enough to encounter the harvest in progress, or at least see a few flooded bogs teaming with ruby colored cranberry jewels.  And if you get to witness the beauty of the cranberry harvest, you'll be in for a thrill.

Cranberries harvested from a flooded bog go to make cranberry juice | Photo by J. LaBelle
The Wet Harvest

Dry Harvest vs. Wet Harvest

There are two different methods for harvesting cranberries, the dry method and the wet method.  The wet harvest method involves flooding the formerly dry bog with water allowing the cranberries to rise and float toward the surface making it easier to machine harvest.  Wet harvested cranberries are used in making cranberry drinks.

Cranberries harvested using the dry method are packed in bags for consumers to use for making cranberry jelly, cranberry baked goods, and of course, stringing along the Christmas tree.

Cape Cod Cranberry Products

Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Gift Set | Delicious Cape Cod Provisions | LaBelle's General Store
Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest Gift Set

After all that hard work, it's time to enjoy those little ruby fruits.  Early in October you can find 1 pound bags of freshly picked cranberries at LaBelle's General Store in Dennis Port, Cape Cod.  With our fresh cranberries you can make all kinds of delicious baked good like our favorite Cranberry Bread Recipe and Nantucket Cranberry Pie.  Make some homemade cranberry sauce or add cranberries to whatever your making in the slow cooker tonight.  Packed with flavor and good-for-you too, you don't have to wait until the holidays to enjoy cranberries and reap their health benefits.

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