Jan 27, 2015

Tips to Make Chocolate Cake Dog-Gone Delicious

I love to slather Ganache on top of Bundt cake, especially, Chocolate Bundt Cake.  And I also love creamy filling.  That's what lead to this creation, our Ganache Topped Devil Dog Cake.  The addition of ganache makes it dog-gone delicious!

Ganache chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to Bundt Cake, especially Devil Dog Bundt Cake

Watch as we turn an every day Chocolate Bundt Cake into a Devil Dog Bundt Cake and kick it up a notch with the addition of the most delicious Ganache Chocolate:

Get the recipe for LaBelle's Chocolate Ganache we used on our Devil Dog cake HERE.

Cake Baking Essentials

It's always important to have the right tools for the job, and for making a Bundt Cake, it couldn't get more essential than using the right pan.  Nordic Ware's Platinum Bundt Pan is top rated and as our video shows, it makes the perfect, most amazing Bundt Cake.

And where would I be without this Wire Cooling Rack?  So versatile, we use it for everything from baking chicken to cooling off cakes and cookies.  Since we usually have a lot going on in our kitchen, we have about 4 of these excellent racks.

Two items this baker can't do without: My Wire Cooling Rack and NordicWare Bundt Pan

This cake looks great, doesn't it?  But it could be better.  Frosting it would take away from the beautiful edge created by the NordicWare Bundt Pan.  The only worthwhile alternative it to slice it in half and spread across some incredible cream filling.  Buttercream is always a nice choice. 

I love to slice my Bundt Cakes in half and then add a layer of buttercream filling | LaBelle's General Store

Another great tool to have in your arsenal is a long serrated knife and it was absolutely necessary in order to cut this Bundt in half in order to 'devil dog' it.  This 12" Slicer from Dexter is made in Massachusetts and most often used to slice bread and roasts, but it's also perfect for slicing cake.
American Made Dexter Slicing Knife | Perfect for slicing bread and roasts as well as cake! | LaBelle's General Store

And never skimp on chocolate chips!  Love these little devils.
Who doesn't love chocolate chips? Come on! | LaBelle's General Store

It's important to use your favorite chocolate for your Ganache.  And spread it on thick!

Ooh la la! Make some Ganache! | LaBelle's Ganache Recipe

Who wants boring cake? Step it up with Devil Dog Cake topped with Ganache

Stay tuned for our Devil Dog Cake recipe!

LaBelle's Devil Dog Cake | Yum!

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