Nov 14, 2018

6 New Christmas Ornaments!

Cape Cod Ornaments

Six new Christmas ornaments have just been added to our online catalog. These unique and beautiful Cape Cod ornaments can be used to decorate your tree, and in some cases they can be used as decorative accents anywhere you see fit.  We feature Cape Cod Christmas ornaments year-round in our Dennis Port store as special souvenirs for those visiting Cape Cod.  Our fabulous Cape Cod ornaments make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

1. Cape Cod Starfish Joy Ornament

This pretty Starfish Ornament has been one of our most popular Christmas ornaments this year.  It's so sweet, simple and refreshing, it would be the perfect addition to a beach-story tree, or an all white-themed Christmas Tree.

2.  Preppy Whale Wooden Ornament

By and large, this adorable preppy whale ornament has been our top-selling ornament this year.  Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!  We especially love the plaid ribbon and cobalt blue detail.  And couldn't you see this used in the decor of a little boys room all year round?  Curtain tie-backs perhaps?  Hanging from a door knob?  Have fun and get creative with this fun Cape Cod Whale Ornament.

3.  Pirate Ship Ornament

For the Pirate lover, we have this fantastic Pirate Ship Cape Cod Christmas Ornament.  As you probably know, Cape Cod has had its fair share of pirates like the famed Black Sam Bellamy.  We love the color combination of teal and red along with the laser cut detail of the black pirate ship silhouette and splashing sea. 

4. Sailboat Ornament

Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main!  Not sure what that little ditty means, but it's fun to sing.  This gorgeous Cape Cod Sailboat Christmas Ornament will transport you to an idyllic Summer day spent on the waters of the Cape.  I don't know about you, but I can imagine the sparkling sun-diamonds on the water and feel the wind in my hair just looking at this beautiful ornament.  You need this fun Sailboat ornament to remember those amazing Summer days and add a little warmth to the coldest time of the year.

5.  Anchor & Shells Ornament

Isn't this Anchor ornament great?!  It may look like it's made of rusty metal, but it's actually made of resin.  Here's a gift-giving tip, wrap up this cute Anchor & Shells Cape Cod Christmas Ornament with a little note that says, "You anchor me.-XOX"  I just think that would be a very sweet way to present this Anchor ornament to someone you love this Christmas.  Hmmm, now that I'm thinking about it, someone who is planning to propose could sneak an engagement ring in there, too!

You Anchor Me |  Engagement Ring Present
Engagement Ring Presentation Idea!

6. Whale Tail Ornament

This stunning Whale Tail Cape Cod Christmas Ornament is such a beautiful way to celebrate your love of whales.  The whale tale is an extremely popular design this year and really hard to keep in stock.  This laser cut wooden ornament can be used as a decor element anywhere, and not just as a Christmas ornament.  Give this special Whale Tail Ornament to the whale-lover in your life this holiday!  

I love these beautiful Cape Cod Christmas Ornaments and I hope you find something that fills an empty spot on your tree or solves a gift-giving challenge this holiday season.  Shop all our Cape Cod Christmas Ornaments today before we run out! 

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