Jun 10, 2018

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Great ideas for Dad | Father's Day Gifts | LaBelle's General Store

You've got to get to LaBelle's for terrific gifts your Dad will love this Father's Day.  Father's Day gift ideas abound in Dennis Port!  Here's a sampling of some of the great items we have in store that your Dad will love.  Take a tour of our top five gift ideas for Dad.

#1 Father's Day Gift:  A New Cap

Dad can always use a new hat | Cape Cod Nautical Flags Cap | LaBelle's General Store

We have a ton of great caps in store that your Dad will love. From Cape Cod caps to Dennis Port caps, we have a great selection featuring nautical flags, American Flags, Sharks, Lighthouses and more. Available in Different colors and adjustable sizes, our Cape Cod baseball hats will fit just about any Dad-sized head.

#2 Father's Day Gift: A New Knife

Fans of this knife call it the American Ginsu | Dexter Offset Slicer | LaBelle's General Store

Always a best-seller, the Dexter Offset Slicer makes a great gift for Dad.  It's a versatile knife and some of our customers have titled it, the American Ginsu.  We don't recommend cutting any aluminum cans with it, but we're confident he'll use it for everything from cutting tomatoes, onions and peppers to slicing turkey, roast beef, steak and chicken.  If your Dad only had room for one knife in his kitchen, this would should be the one.

#3 Father's Day Gift: Bottle Opener

In our Dennis Port store we are loaded with a distinctive array of bottle openers for the discerning beer-drinking Dad.  From our fabled Shark Bottle Opener, to this Drink Up Sailor wall-mounted Bottle Opener, we have a bottle opener for every Dad on your list.  Choose from Mermaids, Seals, Fish, and many more!

#4 Father's Day Gift: Oyster Tools

The World is Your Oyster Shucking Set | Great Gift Ideas | LaBelle's General Store

The World is Your Oyster!  Especially on Cape Cod.  If your Dad is into these briny delights, delight him further with our great tools for enjoying oysters.  This fabulous Oyster Shucking Set features a wooden shuck to make prying the shell open a bit safer and easier. 

#5 Father's Day Gift: Cape Cod Maps

Cape Cod Vintage Chart Poster from 1957!  | LaBelle's General Store

When you come in our front door, you'll find a gallery of nautical charts and maps of Cape Cod that your Dad will truly appreciate.  Available in different sizes, our Cape Cod Chart Maps always seem to draw them in.  One chart of particular curiosity is our Marine Disasters plaque which shows where many of the ships have succumbed to our treacherous Cape Cod coastline.  We even have Cape Cod charts on neck ties, bow ties, and cozy throws.

For a great selection of Father's Day Gifts, come visit us in Dennis Port today.  There's a good chance you won't leave empty handed, and an even better chance you'll be successful in your quest to find a distinctive gift for Dad.

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