Mar 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Specialties

St. Patrick's Day Specialties

at LaBelle's are a varied assortment of some of our Irish and Celtic favorites.  Joe and I are both carriers of Irish DNa, which explains our love for shamrocks and sheep (Okay, Joe isn't crazy about sheep, but he loves lamb).  We also have a thing for Nicholas Mosse Pottery, the Boston Celtics, Shepherd's Pie, Notre Dame, and Claddagh jewelry.  Perusing our Irish inspirations for gifts this St. Patrick's Day is as fun as frolicking in a field of green clover...

Irish Jewelry Shop

Our selections of Irish Jewelry are made in Ireland by skilled craftsman.  Celtic pieces carry an age old mysticism and symbolic significance making them a special gift for St. Patrick's Day.  Take a peak at some of our beautiful Tara's Diary Beads featuring traditional Celtic and Irish icons like these luminous Murano Glass Shamrock Spiral Charms:

Tara's Diary Shamrock Spiral Charm Beads | Made from Murano Glass | LaBelle's General Store

The Claddagh

Love, loyalty and friendship is symbolized in the heart, the crown and the hands of the iconic Irish Claddagh.  If you're looking to show someone how special they are to you, there's no better way than to present them with a piece of Claddagh Jewelry.

Platinum Claddagh Pendant and Earrings | Love ~ Loyalty ~ Friendship | LaBelle's General Store
Platinum Claddagh Pendant and Earrings | Love ~ Loyalty ~ Friendship
If you're wondering what inspired the Claddagh, read on for the legendary story behind the creation of the Irish Claddagh Ring:

Legend of the Claddagh Ring | Love, Loyalty and Friendship | LaBelle's General Store
The mystical Claddagh Ring: inspired by an Irishman's love 

The Trinity Knot 

is another ancient Celtic symbol made even more beautiful in our sterling silver and platinum Trinity Knot Jewelry Collection.  Trinity Knots have come to mean different things to different people, so feel free to look for the symbolism you most identify with:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit / Mind, Body, Soul / Mother, Maiden, Crone.  Choose from our exquisite Trinity Knot Pendants and Beads, the very popular Trinity Knot Celtic Cross Bead, the sweet Irish Teacup Bead, the Mother and Child Bead, and my favorite, the Trinity Knot Pearl Ring
Trinity Knot Jewelry

Nicholas Mosse Pottery

Watch this Nicholas Mosse Pottery Youtube video to see some of our beautiful Irish pottery.  We're currently having a Nicholas Mosse Pottery Sale, and our inventory is running really low, so act fast if you want to pick out a piece of Nicholas Mosse from our St. Patrick's Day Specialties.  Don't delay, because when our Irish Pottery is gone, it's gone!

If you really want to make those Irish eyes smile, a set of these Celtic Cross Measuring Spoons would make an exceptional gift nested inside a Nicholas Mosse Bowl.  These Celtic Measuring Spoons are incredibly detailed with inscribed Celtic designs on both the front and back of each spoon.  They are simply beautiful by themselves, as well.

Celtic Cross Measuring Spoons | St. Patrick's Day Specialties | Faith, Blessings, Love and Hope | LaBelle's General Store
Celtic Cross Measuring Spoons

Celtics Lovers

Let's not forget the days of Celtic lore known as the Larry Bird years.  Were the Boston Celtics ever more entertaining and exciting to watch than during the reign of McHale, Parish and Bird?  For those who think of those magical years whenever they hear the word Celtic, bequeath them this wonderful Celtic's Legends T-Shirt:

St. Patrick's Day Specialties | McHale Parish Bird Celtics T-Shirt
Celtic's Legends - McHale ~ Parish ~ Bird
And there you  have it, some of our terrific St. Patrick's Day Specialties to get you in the mood for celebrating the first day of Spring and St. Patrick's Day, the two best days in March!

Nicholas Mosse Bowls

Nicholas Mosse Angled Bowls

Celtic Measuring Spoons

Sterlin Silver Claddagh Ring

Trinity Bead

Claddagh and Pearl Pendant

Platinum Trinity Knot Pendant

Trinity Drop Pearl Pendant

Platinum Claddagh Earrings

Tara's Diary Shamrock Spiral Charm Bead

Tara's Diary Shamrock Spiral Charm Bead

Tara's Diary Shamrock Spiral Charm Bead

McHale Parish Bird Celtics Legacy T-Shirt


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