Jan 7, 2014

Culinary School Supplies Shopping List

I recently met an enthusiastic young man who's headed off on a culinary adventure.  He'll be studying classic French cooking techniques and international cuisine.  Where's he going?  He's enrolled in the spring semester at BU's Culinary Arts Certificate Program and he came into the store with his Culinary School Supply Shopping List.   If you didn't know, Boston University has an innovative, intensive culinary course of study that was co-founded by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.  Along side Jacques Pepinsome notable instructors include Mary Ann Esposito, Jody Adams, and Ana Sortun.  It looks like a fabulous, state of the art program and if you're interested in cooking and not looking to spend several years in college and many thousands of dollars, this certificate program is just a semester long.   

You may be wondering what was on the young man's school supply list.  Here are the Culinary School Essentials required by BU's Culinary Arts Program:
Culinary School Supplies
  1. 8" Chef's Knife
  2. 3" Paring Knife
  3. Y-Peeler
  4. Lemon Zester Rasp
  5. 6" Boning Knife
  6. Instant Read Thermometer
  7. Digital Timer
  8. Serrated Bread Knife
Not only is this a great list for someone just starting out in the culinary field, but it's also a solid list of must-have kitchen tools for any home cook or someone outfitting their kitchen for the first time.

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